Do you Need a Website?

Do You Own a Business?

Web code

If you have answered “yes” than you will benefit from a website. I have many friends and acquaintances who are small business owners, some with websites, others without. Those who do not often resort you using a Facebook page to advertise their goods or services.  While social media can be a great tool for business it has its limitations. 


  • Free  – It doesn’t cost you anything but time.
  • Communication – You can chat with potential clients & customers directly.  
  • Easy – The basic page controls are pretty simple to use.


  • Limitations – You can’t customize many things, the over-all look and feel are the same as everyone else’s pages. The analytics are limited to what Facebook provides.
  • Control – You don’t own the page, you can’t pick what reviews are shown. Facebook has the right to delete you page if they choose so.
  • Reach – You are limited to people who are active on Facebook. You have limited SEO choices.

Personally I like social media pages/accounts, but I think they should be used in conjunction with a webpage.

Benefits of a Website

Marketing Funnel

The idea of owning a website can be overwhelming especially if you don’t have the proper experience. Luckily the process can be painless and beneficial when working with Vista Soule. Reasons you’ll want a website include:


  • Credibility – Having a unique domain website not only validates you as a business but it shows the customer your level of commitment. A website is a great way to share your company’s story and help build trust.
  • Presence – You widen the mouth of your marketing funnel. You are available to the entire world, everyone becomes a potential customer. You can develop your unique brand in creative ways to help build loyalty. Increase your SEO but implementing different strategies.
  • Control – You can choose the look, feel, and content of your website. You can add what you want in the way you want to. It is yours and can give control to whomever you want.
  • E-commerce – You can directly sell your goods or services in the way you see fit. Cut out the middle man and work directly with your customers. You can advertise new products or even sell ad space on your site.
  • Information – You can add as much information about your company as you want, share videos, photos, or blog posts. You can also learn more about your customers by using  in-depth analytics. Learn the demographics of those who are interested in your brand to help increase sales.


I think it’s obvious by now that I’m in favor of websites for business owners. Long gone are the days of people checking the phone book to find a plumber or restaurant. Times change and if you want to be a successful business you need to too. You don’t need to be an expert techie person to be a website owner, you just need me! To start your exciting journey either email or call now and we’ll get you started.